Weber State Figure Drawing Session

Weber State Figure Drawing Session

Quite some time ago I used to attend live Weber State figure drawing session. Live sessions give you opportunities to analyze a figure in ways that are impossible to do with a photo.

You can see subtleties like light refracting through the skin adding a red hue. You can see folds in the skin and how they twist around the body. You can see how the skin moves around the muscle. All this helps you progress at figure drawing and it’s great to learn live and photo drawing and experience both.

I used to attend art meetings at Weber State on a weekly basis but then life got in the way. I moved, kids got older, I started Rebel Ape, and just a lot of other things that made it difficult to get away for a few hours every Saturday.

Weber State Figure Drawing Session on the iPad

Today I was up at Weber State with nothing more than my computer and iPad with 5% battery remaining. I decided to drop in to see if the figure drawing session was still going, and if it was, if there were any faces I recognized after all this time.

I went into the room and to my surprise, the figure drawing session was going. I said hello to John and Roberta that are still attending and sat in the group. It was a very enjoyable time doing some figure drawing.

I was the only one on a digital medium there and since I had very little battery since I didn’t intend on drawing today, I mapped out the figure but had to sit next to a power outlet the rest of the time. It did adjust my angles but I was fine with it since I already had proportions finished.

What an enjoyable day! Here is the drawing in digital charcoal.