Siege of Inaolia Concept Art | Flesh Pits

Siege of Inaolia Concept Art | Flesh Pits

When going through some older files, I found this Siege of Inaolia concept art I did for them for the Flesh Pits map. Though I never had a chance to actually try the map myself, the last I saw on it before I left the project was another artist…
Alien Planet Concept Art by Adam Miconi

Alien Planet Concept Art

I always love rummaging through my old files and coming upon old concept art that I've pretty much forgotten about, and this time I found an alien planet concept art piece. Awhile back there was a band that was looking for some concept art.…
Portrait Drawing Session 01-20-18 by Miconi

Portrait Drawing Session at Weber State University

I had the opportunity to attend another weekly drawing session up at Weber State University. This session was a clothed figure of an older lady so I decided to do a portrait drawing session of her. When you see things through the eyes of an…
Weber State Figure Drawing Session
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Weber State Figure Drawing Session

Quite some time ago I used to attend live Weber State figure drawing session. Live sessions give you opportunities to analyze a figure in ways that are impossible to do with a photo. You can see subtleties like light refracting through the…
Develop Your Art Style Alien Creature Demo

Developing Your Art Style

Developing your art style. Everyone has a taste in art that they really enjoy, this can be comics, manga, realism, etc. These tastes in art help motivate us, inspire us, and give us something to strive towards and continuously try to improve…
Old childhood drawing of a monster by Adam Miconi

Draw It Again: Remaking a Childhood Drawing

Draw it again: Remaking a childhood drawing. Last year one of my friends contacted me on Facebook letting me know that he had come across one of my childhood drawings in all of his stuff. I was super curious as to which one he had come across…
Neck Study with digital charcoal in Procreate app by Adam Miconi
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How to Draw a Neck with Digital Charcoal in Procreate

How to Draw a Neck in Procreate on the iPad Pro. I've been doing a few studies in Procreate lately and this is a rendering of the neck. The point of these studies is first to get comfortable in Procreate as I'm trying to move further into…

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Anubis Concept Art Painting
Develop Your Art Style Alien Creature Demo
Calves Study
Neck Study with digital charcoal in Procreate app by Adam Miconi

Neck Muscles Anatomy Study

Neck Muscles Anatomy Study in Procreate This neck muscles anatomy study has been part of an ongoing series that I've been doing in the Procreate App. The main point of the studies was not to just learn the anatomy of the neck but to also…
Kaiju by Adam Miconi
Woman's Portrait by Adam Miconi
Back Study in Procreate by Adam Miconi
Orc Portrait by Adam Miconi
Triceps study wit digital charcoal in Procreate app by Adam Miconi
Aellae - Warrior angel digital painting art by Adam Miconi


Aellae Angel of Whirlwinds Painted as a personal piece. Aellae is Greek for "whirlwinds." This angel is wielding double swords that she spins around while her wings stir up even more wind. Now she turned her eye towards you and a…