How to Draw Cartoons | Photoshop to Illustrator

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Welcome to how to draw cartoon characters with Adam Miconi.

This course is designed in a casual conversation format where I explain various concepts on designing my cartoon characters. I’ve had this series running for a few years and I’ve been repeatedly asked how I design these cute and grumpy little cartoon characters.

Though I’m taking you through a process of well known characters, the process can be applied to any type of character whether its fan art pieces or your own design.

In this main tutorial, I am working on a Darth Vader concept. Since I’m following some art guidelines I created to make all these characters look the same, you’ll see one of my previous Freddy Kruger designs, then I remove that and show you how I finish the Darth Vader concept in Photoshop.

Next I take you into Adobe Illustrator where we begin the process of working on the lines. I show you how to easily make sense of what could be a chaotic process of laying down the basic geometry, clean it up, and have clean and organized line work.

Once that is complete we move into the steps of laying down the flat colors, add the illusion of light and shadow.

We then change the text for the name to match the rest of the series, add a defining element, and finish up the overall design.

As a thank you for purchasing, I am also supplying bonus content of highly time lapsed versions of Mini Pyramid Head, DBZ Goku, DBZ Frieza, and Deadpool so you can see how easily repeatable this process can be. You can also visit my website and see how this process can be applied to many other characters such as a mummy or even the Easter Bunny.

I look forward to you joining me in designing fun cartoon characters and let’s get started!

What are the requirements?

  • If you are doing the preliminary sketch traditionally (I did it digitally), you need a way to get that into the computer.
  • Must have vector software. Adobe Illustrator preferred but most will work though capabilities vary.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn how to sketch a preliminary character design.
  • Learn how to create a similar look among a character series.
  • Vectorize a character in Adobe Illustrator.

What is the target audience?

  • Anyone who wants to illustrate cartoon characters.
  • Anyone interested in learning an illustration process.


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