Neck Study with digital charcoal in Procreate app by Adam Miconi

Neck Muscles Anatomy Study | Digital Charcoal Procreate

Neck Muscles Anatomy Study in Procreate

This neck muscles anatomy study has been part of an ongoing series that I’ve been doing in the Procreate App. The main point of the studies was not to just learn the anatomy of the neck but to also get comfortable working with digital mediums. For this, I decided to do a whole series where I’m working directly in digital but trying to get a traditional feel. In this case, I’m trying to get the feel of traditional charcoal, but in a digital medium.

I have a YouTube video listed here showing the entire process of how I created this in a time-lapse video. This is a short video, only about four minutes or so but it will give you a good idea of the steps it takes to go from absolutely nothing to a fully rendered charcoal neck study.

I work on these, I start or using construction lines and then I build it up to around form. While doing this neck muscles anatomy study, I also have my reference on the side that I view regularly during the drawing process. Without a reference, you will find yourself missing important details and landmarks which are required for a solid and believable drawing. The nice thing about the iPad Pro is that you can do a split screen where you can have your reference on the one side and have your drawing app open on the other side, this allows it to be viewed easily without having to leave your drawing app or have references on the side. I’m a fan of having a lot of different references, but as you know, when drawing on the go or in other locations, too many references can just get in the way.

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