Lion crest digital painting by Adam Miconi

Lion crest digital painting by Adam Miconi

Lion Crest Digital Painting

The lion crest digital painting. Just like the giant door knockers that you find on castle gates, this is an oversized, geometric lion head. It has two figures hanging off the sides clothed with a simple cloth. The sun dial relief behind the head swirls outward creating a nice visual shape.

The Legend of the Lion Crest

For ages the Lion Crest has been used to show strength, dignity, and valor. The Lion Crest showed up about 9 centuries ago. Richard the First who chose a shield of three lions to serve as his crown. It included the three areas, England, Normandy, and Aquitaine. The original symbol immediately identified him in battle. The medieval look of the lion crest brings strength to the image, much like we saw from King Richard the First.

Meanwhile, as the symbol evolved, it was Henry VII who used it to show authority over his subjects. The symbol was used to create a union of the king to the church. Soon the lion began to appear as door knockers and throughout different buildings in Europe. It often adorned large castle gates, and was even found in several churches in Europe.

Similarly, Scotland used the original concept of the lion and added it to a shield including multiple lions and mottos. One motto that has lasted throughout the years is ‘No one attacks me with impunity.’ Upon adding this motto to the crest, strength and courage began to be joined with the lion.

Creating the Lion Crest Art Digital Painting

Same as the way the lion creates power, that’s what I wanted to show when I sought out to create a unique lion crest. For this reason I focused my thought on something that I would love to see hanging on my own front door. When I see lion crests, I often run into images that are generic, or do not have a lot of focus on details that truly sets the lion apart from other symbols of strength. I drew upon the lion crest meaning while allowing my creativity to create this unique work of art. Since I now had a piece I could share with others, they too could have a symbol of power in their home.

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