Breaking Bad and Batman mashup named Heisenbat digital painting by Adam Miconi

Breaking Bad and Batman mashup named Heisenbat digital painting by Adam Miconi

Heisenbat is by far my all time most popular piece at the time of this writing. Something that was intended to be just a quick paintings to be a fun and quick personal project ended up getting really involved, it and became one of my most favorite pieces to create. Heisenbat is one of my pieces that has become so popular online that I have lost control of it and there are actually people who claim it as their own and I often have to contact them and tell them to take it down or credited properly.

Since Breaking Bad has lost a lot of its popularity over the last couple years, I don’t have to pursue this one as heavily as I used to, as it is starting to die out a little bit. This is the common theme with fan art, it is very popular while the season is running but as soon as the season ends, so does the life of the fan art.

This one came to be from me playing Batman Arkham Asylum, and at the same time I was marathon watching Breaking Bad. I got so into both of them that I felt like I want to do some type of fan art to commemorate both of the pieces that I had grown to love. With that, I turned on the computer and I started doing this digital painting. I had references of both Heisenberg and Batman up on the screen when I was working on them and I noticed when I was watching Breaking Bad that Heisenberg was looking in the exact same direction as Batman with the same head angle and I couldn’t help but take that notice and put them together.

Is one of my main pieces that I sell at Comic Con and is usually what funds the entire show for me. Though I like to pull more attention to my other art, you usually have to have some sort of centerpiece to draw people’s attention in. Add a comic convention, dragons and angels usually don’t do it.

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