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Chalk It Up North Vegeta by Adam Miconi

Chalk It Up North 2017

Chalk It Up North Chalk It Up North is a street chalk contest that started up only a couple years ago in Northern Utah and it has been quickly catching on and getting larger and larger every year. I’m always interested in joining these events but since I don’t do well with heat, I decided …

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Venom Gingerbread Man by Adam Miconi

Venom Gingerbread Man Cardboard Painting

I never got around to posting about this back in December but I made a Venom gingerbread man cardboard painting with my family and would like to write about it here. I can’t take the credit on the idea for the gingerbread men, that was my wife’s idea since we hadn’t done something like this …

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Freddy Krueger Chibi by Adam Miconi

Chibi Series Complete

For the last few years I’ve been running what I call the Chibi Series (previously known as the Mini Series), it is a bunch of miniature characters from all sorts of genres. The idea was to create multiple characters out of basic geometry starting with an oval. I completed Freddy Krueger and then moved on to …

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