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Overcome Procrastination

Overcome Procrastination. That Lack of Desire That Hits Us All.

It hits us all at some point or another, that looming feeling of no motivation, tiredness, or flat-out laziness. It is a constant challenge and when we fall into the grip of artistic despair, we feel the nagging voice to come back and tell us to finish what we started. Rinse. Repeat. So how do …

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Draw With Jazza Logo

Recommened by Draw With Jazza

It’s always interesting having your content shared online, what’s even more interesting is when a YouTuber like Draw With Jazza shares your content to his massive following. The other day my Skillshare Class was blowing up with enrollments and I wasn’t sure why. Many of these were people who just barely started an account and …

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Figure Drawing Art Class

Figure Drawing Etiquette

Figure drawing etiquette is an essential part of a figure drawing session. There are many unspoken, but common sense rules that come in to play when working with a model. This article addresses a lot of the concerns I have come across over my years of figure drawing.

Pandemonium Art Stroll

Pandemonium | Saturday Morning Drawing Collective

PLEASE JOIN ME AND 9 OF MY ARTIST FRIENDS FOR THE OPENING OUR OUR NEW SHOW: THE SATURDAY MORNING DRAWING COLLECTIVE 30 drawings, paintings, and sculpture completed during (or inspired by) our weekly drawing sessions with nude models. OPENING RECEPTION FRIDAY, APRIL 6TH, 6PM-9PM PANDEMONIUM GALLERY 155 Historic 25th Street, Ogden One of my pieces will …

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Siege of Inaolia Concept Art | Flesh Pits

Siege of Inaolia Concept Art | Flesh Pits

When going through some older files, I found this Siege of Inaolia concept art I did for them for the Flesh Pits map. Though I never had a chance to actually try the map myself, the last I saw on it before I left the project was another artist was modeling out the skull and …

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Alien Planet Concept Art by Adam Miconi

Alien Planet Concept Art

I always love rummaging through my old files and coming upon old concept art that I’ve pretty much forgotten about, and this time I found an alien planet concept art piece. Awhile back there was a band that was looking for some concept art. I didn’t deal with them directly but the request was passed …

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How to Make a Glass Palette | Step 7

How To Make a Glass Palette

If you are looking to learn about how to make a glass palette of your own. This post shows you a very quick and simple way I create my glass palettes.

How to draw people step by step final rendering

Step by Step Drawing | How To Draw People | Figure Drawing

How To Draw People As another entry into my ongoing figure drawing sessions at Weber State University. I like these simple art poses since you don’t have to worry too much about extreme foreshortening and when you are working on anatomy drawing, sometimes it’s best to keep it simple. This model was enjoyable to draw, …

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Figure Drawing | The Pastor | Final Drawing

Figure Drawing | The Pastor

Figure Drawing in Charcoal | Life Session I’ve been to a lot of figure drawing in charcoal sessions over the years and I must say, recently I had the opportunity to draw an older gentleman and it was very enjoyable. This guy was a pastor and the entire time he was modeling for us, he …

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Pennywise IT Custom Drawn Shoes

Hand Drawn Shoes

There is nothing quite like a new pair of customized shoes and there are a lot of different ways to go about customizing them. There are techniques that use a specialized fabric paint, waterproof markers, and images glued on with Mog Podge. Recently I tried working on some hand drawn shoes and I’m pretty happy …

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Weber State Figure Drawing Session Final Render

Figure Drawing: A lesson learned.

Figure Drawing is an incredibly peaceful and rewarding event. I hold all the models in the highest regard, after all, they are sharing something special and very private with me, their figure. Just recently I took my latest figure drawing down, I’m not sure if anyone noticed or not, but there was a reason. I …

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Some Past Figure Drawings

As the years continue to pass, I realize how much art I do that I never share with the public or that I post on only one social outlet and forget others. Due to the nature of social media, different platforms attract different users and like everyone, I have my preferred platforms too. The majority …

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Graffiti Writing Final

Graffiti Letters

I’ve never tried my hand at graffiti letters before so I decided to give it a try the other night. Lately, I’ve had an interest in street art and more specifically, street murals and I am planning on giving a large scale mural a try pretty soon but I figured to do that I need …

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Weber State Figure Drawing Session

Weber State Figure Drawing Session

Quite some time ago I used to attend live Weber State figure drawing session. Live sessions give you opportunities to analyze a figure in ways that are impossible to do with a photo. You can see subtleties like light refracting through the skin adding a red hue. You can see folds in the skin and …

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Inktober Day 6 Sword by Adam Miconi

Inktober 2017. 31 Days, 31 Drawings.

That time of the year is once again upon us. You know, that month where we crank on full power, every day, for an entire month. That’s right, Inktober 2017 is here! What is Inktober? The concept is simple, the execution is brutal. Inktober is an event started by Jake Parker that happens every year …

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Chalk It Up North Vegeta by Adam Miconi

Chalk It Up North 2017

Chalk It Up North Chalk It Up North is a street chalk contest that started up only a couple years ago in Northern Utah and it has been quickly catching on and getting larger and larger every year. I’m always interested in joining these events but since I don’t do well with heat, I decided …

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Figure drawing for Figure Drawing Fundamentals Course by Adam Miconi

Figure Drawing Fundamentals Course | Learn to Draw People

Figure Drawing Fundamentals Learn To Draw The Figure | In-depth Training Course Not long ago I posted my biggest tutorial I have ever released. I’ve made a few sections of it available for free such as the How To Sharpen Charcoal Pencils I’m hoping that all this helps you get started in bettering your drawing skills …

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Develop Your Art Style Alien Creature Demo

Developing Your Art Style

Developing your art style. Everyone has a taste in art that they really enjoy, this can be comics, manga, realism, etc. These tastes in art help motivate us, inspire us, and give us something to strive towards and continuously try to improve our drawing capabilities. However, when you are developing your art style, this is …

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