Head sculpture of an older man in clay three quarters view by Adam Miconi

Clay Head Sculpture

When I was in college, one of the projects that we had was to make a clay head sculpture. The more I worked on the project the more I realized it looked like a previous neighbor I had so I nicknamed the character Gary. When his wife came over…
Woman's portrait final in charcoal by Adam Miconi

Woman's Portrait in Charcoal

In this post, I will show you a basic process of drawing a woman's portrait in charcoal. When I begin a portrait I like to use vine charcoal which is a very soft charcoal made from a willow. It is a very forgiving medium, if you want to adjust…
Arm and triceps charcoal drawing study by Adam Miconi

Charcoal Studies on Newsprint

Charcoal Studies on Newsprint Just a few quick charcoal studies on newsprint. I cover a few various subjects and different techniques for the charcoal but it fulfills the point of charcoal studies on newsprint. Arm Focus Crosshatch in Charcoal Here…