Free Photoshop Brushes

You are welcome to use any of my free Photoshop brushes for digital painting. I have a few various types of brushes available for you to download such as the Photoshop chalk brush, a Photoshop oil on canvas brush, as well as a perspective grid brush. You are welcome to use them for personal or commercial use but please do not sell any of these. If you wish to distribute them, please add a reference back to this page and credit me.

Custom Brushes by Adam Miconi

Chalk Brush

My Photoshop chalk brush has a very rough texture to it and will also hit and miss the canvas as you draw with that similar to what a very hard piece of chalk with a lot of binders would do. It also has a slightly chaotic algorithm to it which will keep you from moving into too much detail too quickly. If you are willing to try a slightly chaotic medium, this brush is worth a try.

Custom Photoshop oil on canvas brush by Adam Miconi

Oil on Canvas Brushe

The Photoshop oil on canvas brush is a great brush for getting some texture down. You can adjust the pressure curve or the flow of the paint to create a thicker paint or thinner paint to allow for more paint or more texture to show through. Even with that, as the layers build you will still see a bit of texture showing through from the canvas.

Custom Photoshop perspective brush free download by Adam Miconi

Perspective Grid Brush

You are welcome to download the Photoshop perspective grid brush which comes with four different versions of perspective grids.

One Point Perspective Grid

The first is the single point perspective grid which you can use as a single point perspective grid or make multiple perspective grids of your own.

Two Point Perspective Grid

The 2-point perspective grid is a standard layout which will create a non-distorted two-point layout with a centered horizon line.

Three Point Perspective

The three-point perspective is for close up towering monuments or anything else you wish to add in its place. You can build multiple three-point grids using the single point perspective.

Isometric Perspective Grid

If you know how to use an isometric grid, this could be one of the most fun types of perspective grids to work with. This is a great grid especially if you are making three quarter view video games and projects similar to that.