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It's always interesting having your content shared online, what's even more interesting is when a YouTuber like Draw With Jazza shares your content to his massive following. The other day my Skillshare Class was blowing up with enrollments…
Figure Drawing Art Class

Figure Drawing Etiquette

Figure drawing etiquette is an essential part of a figure drawing session. There are many unspoken, but common sense rules that come in to play when working with a model. This article addresses a lot of the concerns I have come across over my years of figure drawing.
Pandemonium Art Stroll

Pandemonium | Saturday Morning Drawing Collective

PLEASE JOIN ME AND 9 OF MY ARTIST FRIENDS FOR THE OPENING OUR OUR NEW SHOW: THE SATURDAY MORNING DRAWING COLLECTIVE 30 drawings, paintings, and sculpture completed during (or inspired by) our weekly drawing sessions with nude models. OPENING…
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Pandemonium Gallery Show in Ogden

This Friday, April 6, 2018, a piece of my art will be featured at Pandemonium Gallery Show in Ogden, Utah. As many of you have been following, I've been doing some quick sketch sessions every Saturday morning up at Weber State University.…