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Figure Drawing Fundamentals

You can learn to draw beautiful fine art. 

Figure Drawing Fundamentals is an affordable premium drawing tutorials featuring over 5 hours of training covering fundamentals such as: Line, Form, Proportions, Measuring, Mapping, and more.

Learn to draw impressive art. Currently Available on uDemy.

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How To Make Cartoon Characters

You can learn to make cartoon characters just like this.

Learn how to make a sketch on paper or in Photoshop and take it to a fully rendered vector character in Adobe Illustrator. 

Learn cartooning today. Currently Available on uDemy.

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How to draw cartoon characters screenshot 2
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Art Discussion
Adam Miconi

Recommened by Draw With Jazza

It’s always interesting having your content shared online, what’s even more interesting is when a YouTuber like Draw With Jazza shares your content to his

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Figure Drawing Art Class
Art Discussion
Adam Miconi

Figure Drawing Etiquette

Figure drawing etiquette is an essential part of a figure drawing session. There are many unspoken, but common sense rules that come in to play when working with a model. This article addresses a lot of the concerns I have come across over my years of figure drawing.

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Occasionally, I’ll upload to YouTube on a cold, dark day.